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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm officially home

I'm home right now and so my holiday is officially over. Somehow I feel it's good to be back home hehehhee. I arrived at Juanda Airport at 12. Waiting for claiming baggage was not enjoyable at all here. People were very rude and acted like they were in a rush so they could cut the queue easily. I couldn't even speak of anything when a not-too-old woman cutting the line right in front of while I was still on the line, gonna grab my 28 kilo luggage. Oh geez, I wish I could slap into her face. Grrrhhhh!

It was also a great surprise for me to see my bestiest, Lenny, Cliff, Ganda, and my brother picking me up at the airport. They had been waiting for couple hrs to meet me. Hugged them tightly. Oh, got shocked as well as I saw Cliff's been losing his weight constantly since he was on a healthy diet combined with regularly exercises. I can say that he's more handsome right now. A'heee. :p

Then, they offered me to have lunch together at Leko Iga Penyet. Wooo, without any longer thinking, I would say absolutely yes to their offering. I'd been craving for Leko since I couldn't find any ribs as delicious as Leko's one. Had a chat, gossips, and stories with them while eating. It's been always making me feel good when I can spend some time with all my bestiest sharing tears and laughters together. I missed them A LOT!

And finally, when I got home, it felt so good as well when I saw my small room was still clean and organized beautifully. My mom did it for me as she knew I would come back home.

On the top of my story today is hugs from my parents. No other hugs could beat the sweetness of hugs from my parents. I missed them as well. We hugged each other tightly.

Fiuhh, gotta back to sleep again. I think, I need an 11-hr sleep like I had once in Perth on the day right after the sportscamp hehhehe. Hope it will happen to me all this night long.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Counting hours

I'm really counting hrs. It's about 6hrs to go. Then I'm flying back home.

Bye City, Fremantle, Joondalup, Karrinyup, Southlands, Carousel, Claremont, Leederville, etc.

See you.

Perut saya sakit

Gak tau kenapa ya, perut saya ini sakit melilit dari tadi pagi. Padahal kemaren gak makan aneh-aneh kok, cuman makan burger di Grill'd sama Wendy, Jon, Cindy, Calista, sama pacar.

Udah gitu hari terakhir gini saya di sini, saya sendirian di rumah. Si pacar kerja sampe malem (T-E-G-A nyaaaaaaa), mau keluar jalan-jalan apa daya hari ini public holiday ANZAC Day jadi smua toko tutup. Lagian uang pun saya sudah tak punya. Yah memang saatnya saya kembali ke habitat dan lingkungan asal.

Saya sudah selese packing baju cuman tinggal angkat koper aja trus ke airport.

Mama papa rico, see you all soon tomorrow at noon.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday!

Yesterday was Good Friday. My man and I celebrated the death of Our Saviour on the cross by having a mass at church. The mass was held at 3, and we came at 2.45. We wished that we could've got some seats but in fact we didn't. There were lots of people sitting on the garden. It looked like they were on picnic. Although we were sitting outside the church, we were still able to think straight on the holyness of the mass. I could listen to the words of God as well. Deeply inside my heart, I thanked and have been thanking God for He has died for us. Due to His love to us, He sacrificed His life on the cross. I will always remember His kindness, truly love and sweetness in my life so I can spread His love as well to people around me.

It was such an emotional feeling we had yesterday as we remembered how God suffered bearing all of our sins. God has been good to us. I saw my man crying his tears out yesterday. It was coz of his emotional feeling.

Happy Good Friday to all christians in the world, esp my family and my friends. Hope we can always commit into His hands with all we are and won't trade His pure love to us for richest untold.

:) :)

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unexplainable feeling

I feel stressed. Yes. This is the fact that I'm stressed. I can't even explain what and how is the exact feeling I feel. I've been trying to be relax and let everything go naturally in my days lately, but it's hard sometimes to free my mind from my stressful thoughts.

In a couple of days, I'm going back home. The other times, I felt not going back home. I have to admit that I enjoy my days here spending most of my time by myself, doing whatever I like and I love, learning how to cook better and better, going around and shopping also by myself, and having quality times with my man. These make me feel staying here longer. But, I know that still I must go back home.

Thinking over about how my life will be after this makes me crazy. Should I look for jobs (again) in Surabaya with low salary? Sigh! Should I apply for a working holiday visa so that I'm able to be back here? How long would it take to do LDR (again) with my man? These questions have been poppping up in my mind. Oh geez, I pray that all the best ways in my life now and later will be it unto You. I might not be strong, but I'm not either gonna let myself down due to my fears. Everytime I had a chat with my mom, she always told me to keep thinking positively and taught me not to worry a lot. In this condition, I wish that I could have my mom physically around me hugging me.

Well, it's 4 days to go. I'm coming home.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Koko Black

I woke up this morning with a grateful heart and a happy feeling. I first thanked God for his blessing as he had given me a good sleep. Then, I watched F1 as my man has downloaded before with him. It was pretty interesting watching F1. I thought that would be boring, but in fact it wasn't.

After having lunch at home, we went to city to buy a pink ipad 2 smart cover & 2 packs of dishmatiq sponge. The smart cover one i got at Target, and the sponge ones I got at Woolies. I think this is gonna be my last time catching up the Yellow Cat, buses, and trains as I'm counting couple days to the day I'm going back home.

Finished shopping, we went to Claremont Square. We went straight to Koko Black. This place is really lovely,, indeed! I enjoyed the Chocolate Ice and the Vanilla Cake while my man got his Hot Chocolate and the Opera Cake.

This is what I call "Heaven!" :) :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear God

Dear God, deep down inside my heart , I just want you to know that I love u. I thank You for every...thing You've given to me. I believe everything, which has been good and bad, in my life can happen due to your love and blessing to me.

Please forgive me as many times I've complained to you about the bad things that happened to me. I hope Your Lights will always guide me in every step of my day. You're the only one I could live on. Teach me to always remember You in every second of my life so that I won't forget easily to give thank to You.

Bless me and my future as well. Where there is fear, I wish Your courage and peace. Where there is a self-doubting, I wish Your mercy to renew my trust. I let Your mercy work through my life.

Last but not least, at this moment, please give me a mature heart and thoughts to let myself forgive others, esp my beloved one, easily.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, my Saviour and my Father.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Resah dan gelisah

Asli lo resah dan gelisah banget. I'm counting the days to go back home. Yah I mean, my "real" home. Bole dibilang sih seneng tapi cenderung resah dan gelisah. Gimana ya jelasinnya?! Eum ini udah tahun ke-4 yeh bok saya dan pacar LDR-an, nah ntar mesti pisah lagi kan. Aduh yang namanya LDR ini bikin was was lo. Asli! Mana masih gak tau kapan bisa ketemuan lagi *nah loh!*
Yang bikin semriwing deg-deg an lagi yah ntar pas pulang kan mesti cari kerjaan baru lagi. Mudah-mudahan cepet dapet deh *aminnnnnn* biar gak stres gila sndirian di rumah plonga plongo gak ada kerjaan.

Ya Tuhan, ini cuman pengen aja kok. Pengen bisa gak LDR lagi, pengen bisa cepet dapet kerja, pengen ini smua bisa semakin jelas aja arah & tujuan, pengen ditambahkan iman & kedewasaan pikiran. Smuanya pengen yang bagus-bagus kok Tuhan. Oh hear me Lord, pleaseeee. Ya ini udah pasrah aja sama Tuhan, semua rencana dan pengen-pengen itu kan cuman bisa dikarang manusia, ujung-ujungnya ya semua keputusan yang nentuin bukan manusia.

Perasaan resah *e'ehm* ini ditambah soalnya kangen banget sama mama. Yak ampun biasanya kalo gini udah cari mama, ngemplok aja pengennya. Ini sekarang, ngemplok sama bantal kepala. Kalo gini, pengen cepet pulang juga jadinya bisa ketemu lagi sama mama papa adek juga. Oh sekalian kumpul hang-out lagi sama temen-temen.

I'm coming home. Yes I am. Suka gak suka, mau gak mau, I'm coming home.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Busy day

I wasn't that "busy" actually but today was such the busiest day among the other days as I've been staying here for about 2 months hehehee.

I wake up at 6, and my man as well. Then made a breakfast (just a cup of coffee and bread toast) for my man. I continued watching tv after he had gone to work. While watching tv, I got asleep 'til I slept for 3 hrs. Oh my God! I just got up at 10 hehheee. I really slept like a cute baby. ;)

I made my own small brekkie then cleaned my room and this house. Oh I also washed lots of clothes today. Sigh! I'd prefer using hands to wash than machine cos I don't want break up my jeans and some shirts.

At noon, I cooked for lunch. And the menus was steamed veggie kailan & squid in wortescershire sauce. My man got home as I finished cooking then had a lunch together. At 4, we went to super auto cheap store, looking for a machine oil & a transmission oil.

We went back home and I became the companion of him fixing & toping up his car's oil. We were done doing fixing the car at 6.30.

Then went out to city, having some look at david jones and other stores. We had our express dinner at david jones food court anddddd the menu was sushi! Woohoo ;) I loved that.

At the end of our journey, we chose a single scoop of hazelnut gelato as a nice closing for today.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Breakkie

Had a big breakfast with my man at Dome, Vic Park. I enjoyed spending time together with him yesterday. I find it difficult to spend the whole or half day with him since he's been busy working. I admit that I always get bored every time he works and no one is at home. Sigh. So, having a quality time with him is such a precious moment.

The Big Breakfast