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Monday, September 17, 2012

Stilrod Cafe

Kalo ibarat mau ngiklanin ini cafe ya, gini bunyinya :

"Satu lagi!! Dari Surabaya!"

Yak. Di kota ini ada satu cafe lagi happening searena agasu anak gaul surabaya, namanya Stilrod Cafe. Susah ngedescribe cafe ini bentuknya gimana, yang jelas suasana nya okeh. Ngadopsi dari cafe di London sih katanya. Yang punya pernah lama tinggal di London kali yeehh. Nyari lokasi nya susah gampang sih. Trus kalo soal makanan, yaaaa agak estede , gak terlalu enak bangetss heboh gitu. Eh tapi, pizza nya enak kok, lumayan lah. Udah tau kalo mau cari pizza harga terjangkok kocek di mana. Yah di siniiii! Hehehee.

Karena agak katroks liat tempat keren, agak noraks gitu deh jadinya puto-puto gak jelas. Ehh, adek karin was in town juga jadi ..... seneng ada adek. Inilah hasil kegilaan kami.

Kalo mampir ke surebeje, harus lah mampir ke sinik. Tempat oke buat hangout, ngedate, belajar kelompok, pamer sepeda, sampe jadi tempat puto-puto. Hiaahaha.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Though God feels so far away, but we can reach Him only by our prayer anytime. 
I believe that God never sleeps and always hears our prayer (Amen).

Sad to be said, I'm facing hard circumstances right now til I feel I'm in my darkest life. In my prayer, I often don't know what to stay and where to start to God. Been through with Mr. D for almost 6yrs and still don't know what expect on this relationship from Him. Having so many fights with him didnt comfort me at all. For the sake of his busy days, his services to God, and so many things he does as his excuses to refuse contacting me, I always tried to understand and kept supporting him no matter what. I know he loved me with his own ways which tend to be unique ones. 
I dont wanna ruin this relationship into something bad or hurting, I mean it. Dear you, for all things I've done wrong towards you, I really apologize. All I want to say is that I feel tortured whole-heartedly to not be able to hear your voice and to get your response on my emails, messages and calls. At the end, it only turned out into deep sadness.

Its been weeks you havent reponsed me back. But, if this is the only way for you to be good with life, I would be fine as well with it. I'll try to deal with it. Maybe its too late for me to catch you. I hope one day we will see each other in another stage of life. I'll keep praying to God for your true happiness.